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ISO Propyl Alcohol 99.9% /Isopropyl Alcohol / IPA

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ISO Propyl Alcohol 99.9% /Isopropyl Alcohol / IPA

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Isopropyl alcohol/ IPA  from South Africa


 Name: Isopropanol 
Other Name: Isopropyl Alcohol(IPA) 99.9% 
Synonyms: ISO-Propyl alcohol; Isopropanol; Dimethylcarbinol; 2-Propanol 

Chemical Formula: (CH3)2CHOH 
Appearance: Transparent liquid 
CAS No: 67-63-0 
EINECS No.: 200-661-7   



Isopropanol Specification


ItemsSpecificationTest Result
Pt-Co/hazan/APHA, ≤105
density, g/cm30.784-0.7860.785
assay %, ≥99.999.95
water-solubilitypast testpast test
water %, ≤0.20.05
acid (based on acetic acid) %, ≤0.0020.001
evaporation residue % ,≤0.0020.001
carbonyl (based on acetone) %,≤0.020.01
sulfide (based on S) mg/kg, ≤20.3




 Isopropyl alcohol Application


  As organic raw materials and solvents have a range of uses. As a chemical raw material, to produce acetone, hydrogen peroxide, methyl isobutyl ketone, 2 isobutyl ketone, isopropylamine, isopropyl ether, isopropyl ether, isopropyl chloride, and isopropyl fatty acid and chlorine on behalf of the fatty acids, isopropyl, etc.. In the fine chemical industry, it can be used to produce isopropyl nitrate, xanthan acid isopropyl isopropyl phosphite 3, three aluminum isopropoxide, as well as medicine and pesticide.  


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